Have a question or concern? See if we’ve covered it below in our more commonly asked Q&A’s. If you don’t find an answer to your ponder here, give us a call or send an email. We’re here for you!
Q. I’ve never tried Yoga before, will it be too advanced for me?

A. At Utopia Yoga, we are happy to welcome every one of every age and skill level. We offer a wide variety of classes from Yoga Therapy and YIN to Power Yoga. We identify each classes level of difficulty by stars (*), so come in and try one- we all have to start our yoga journey somewhere! We offer drop-in classes and a 1 month special for new members to encourage them to try it out. We promise you’ll feel right at home very soon!

Q. Can I bring my child(ren)?

A. We offer Moms & Minis classes (Dads welcome too), Kids Yoga as well as Prenatal yoga, but currently do not have daycare.

Q. Should I bring my own mat and towel?

A. We encourage you to own your own mat, as yoga is individual and everyone has their own preferences, though we do have extra mats for rent or purchase. We do request you bring your own towel.

Q. I have an injury and would like private classes, are they included in my membership?

A. We offer Yoga Therapy as well as prenatal classes for those who cannot join general classes. If you would like a private lesson, you can purchase one or a package of three, five and ten at an additional cost to the membership.

Q. I am pregnant, can I still practice Hot Yoga?

A. Our prenantal yoga classes are in normal temperature rooms as the heat can have a negative affect on your pregnancy. We encourage you to join the prenatal classes to learn about which postures are to be avoided in regular classes and which poses are wonderful to increase comfort, calm your mind and prepare you for the little one to come.

Q. Are all classes in English or Swedish?

A. Most classes will be in Swedish with the exception of our English teacher, Jerrica, and possibly other visiting instructors from elsewhere. We will always specify which language it is in to better inform you.